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Art Journaling

What do you do with those ticket stubs from the movies, favorite invitations to birthday parties, or even shiny candy wrappers? These items can be recycled and saved in your very own art journal. An art journal is the combination of items that appeal to you, combined on a page in a collage format.

The layering of objects creates an interesting texture and you may not want to use the whole object; you might want to cut or tear the object into a smaller size and just include your favorite part. Each item you add to the page begins to tell a story. Words written in permanent marker or cut from magazines give a clue to the meaning behind your creation. Do you like to doodle? You can fill in around the edges with your favorite doodles; again using permanent markers is suggested if you are combining it with glued images.

Do you read comic books or graphic novels? Search for used copies in second hand shops and pull them apart. You can rearrange the pictures and text as the foundation for the graphic novel of your life.

The great thing about art journaling is that there are no rules. You can start your journal in the middle of the book if you want. One day you might just want to stencil a background or use stamps to create a border. Another day you might add your memorabilia. Your journal will always be a work in progress.

Art journals can be used by Moms who want to salvage treasures from the family history to combine in a fun way for future reminiscing. Teens can use art journals to express what is important to them at this point in their life and young children can use art journals to express their creativity while learning to recycle.

Editorial provided by Leslie Page, Curator of Education – Burlington Art Centre