Helping children and parents select the right program, requires time, thought and discussion. Parents need to ensure program selection fits their child’s needs, interests, and readiness to participate.

There are some steps you can take to ensure readiness:

1. Ask your child what they would like to do.
The main reason most children ask to participate in recreation and sport is to have fun, make friends, and learn skills. Knowing why your child wants to participate will help you find a program that suits their interests and needs.

2. Ask yourself: What will my child have fun doing?
Children grow and develop at different stages and each child is unique in their development. Think about your child’s physical, social, mental and emotional skills when considering a program. Select programs that will support their self-mastery and build skill levels.

3. Will my child need support to join in the fun?
Assess if your child requires support for the program. If your child is not ready to participate alone in an activity, you may want to begin by participating with your child, until they are comfortable to do it alone.

How to Select the Best Sports & Recreation Program for my Child

When selecting a program, it is important to ask specific questions. Parents should feel comfortable knowing their child is safe and happy in a program, while learning new skills.

Here are 4 key questions to consider, when selecting a program:

1. What are the goals of the program?
Programs that focus on building self-esteem, physical literacy, fundamental skills, and focus on having fun, will help to ensure a positive experience; particularly for those participating for the first time.

2. What kind of training and experience do the leaders have?
Look for certification in HIGH FIVE® training courses. First aid, CPR, coaching and specialized training in their respective field, are also necessary.

3. Are instructors and volunteers required to complete criminal recort and vulnerability checks?
Only participate in programs where all staff and volunteers are required to disclose this information.

4. What kinds of written program standards do they have?
Look for policies and standards on hiring procedures, instructor to participant ratios, training programs and emergency procedures.

Why HIGH FIVE® is important for Recreation & Sport programs:

Many people and organizations get involved with HIGH FIVE® because they believe in the poswer of making a difference in children’s lives, by giving them the “best way to play”. HIGH FIVE® helps others understand the importance of providing positive, quality, sports and rec experiences for children – providing skills and memories to last a lifetime!

More details on HIGH FIVE®visit the website!


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